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Welcome! On behalf of our entire team, we thank you for taking the time to visit the Rust Automation & Controls Inc. website.

Established in 1976, Rust Automation & Controls has 40 plus years of experience providing responsive and professional support for our customers. Rust Automation & Controls represents the world's finest manufacturers of process control products, emphasizing innovation, quality and reliability.

Rust Automation & Controls provides a wide range of the world’s finest process control and industrial solutions to customers throughout the Western 13 United States & El Paso, TX. Our skilled application/sales engineers and technicians provide a comprehensive range of services and support solutions, including needs assessment, training, implementation, installation, diagnostic analysis and repair. From quality products to top-notch service, we do it all!

Rust Automation & Controls is your complete solutions provider for industrial automation in the Western United States.

Servicing 2 plus million square miles with strategically located personnel, we live near where you work and can support you with our local presence. As cornerstones of our business, integrity and professionalism are highly esteemed values at Rust Automation & Controls. Striving to earn trust as we assist in operational excellence, our skilled and experienced team members are devoted to our customer's success. 

  • Relationships. By focusing on the best interests of our customers, vendors and fellow teammates, we all succeed. The quality of these relationships determines the quality of our success, thus we will prioritize and invest in them. 
  • Excellence. We embrace our commitment to serve with excellence. Dedicated to continuous improvement we will constantly seek to improve our business and the lives of those it touches. 
  • World Class Products. It is our goal to provide the best product for each application. We represent manufacturers who are committed to quality, research and development, prompt delivery, and a mutual passion for serving our customers. 
  • Industry Expertise. We strive to be the expert of our customers' applications as we provide the highest levels of products and services. Committed to training and service, we expect our experience and hands-on approach to delivery confidence to our customers. 


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