Action Instruments

Industrial Wireless I/O WiModPack seriers, FieldPak: Current to Pressure (I/P) Transducers, VisiPak digital indicators, Ultra SlimPak G-Series, ActionPak, Ultra SlimPak, Traspak Two Wire Transmitters, Action I/Q

American Meter

Gas Meter, regulators, Gas Filters, Pulsers & Connectors, Seismic Valves, Water Meters, Plug1 Outlet


Actuators & Controls, Automatic Control Valves, Backflow Preventers, Balancing Valves, Ball Valves, Barstock Globe Valves, Butterfly Valves, Check Valves, Fire Protection System Solutions, Gates & Globes, Marine, Medical Gas Valves, Mixing Valves, Pipeline Strainers, Plumbing & Heating, Safety Relief Valves, Water Pressure Reducing Valves

Asahi America

Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves, Diaphragm Valves, Check Valves, Globe Valves, Gate Valve, Pressure Relief Valves, Constant Flow Valve, Sediment Strainers, Gaskets, Frank Regulators, Valve Boxes, Actuation - (Electric, Pneumatic, A S-I Bus, Westlock Limit Switch, Safety Springs & Travel Stop, Positioners, Local remote Station), High Purity – (Purad-PVDF, PolyPure-Natural Polypropylene, PP Pure Piping System, PurVent (PVDF), IR/High Purity Tools, Heat Echnr & Electric Heaters), Weld Equipment, Wet Process Solutions, Dymatrix, Heat Exhangers, EM-Technik Tube Systems


Solenoid Valves, Electronically Enhanced Solenoid Valves, Miniature Valves, Process Valve Automation, Pneumatic & Air Preparation, Fuel, Gas & Oil Products, Sensors & Pressure/Temperature Switches, Navy/Marine Solenoid and Air Operated Valves, Nuclear Products


Pressure Gauges – (Test Gauges, Process Gauges, Industrial Gauges, Differential Gauges, Stainless Steel Case Gauges, Sanitary Gauges, Commercial Gauges, Digital Pressure Gauges, Pressure Transducers & Transmitters, Thermometers, Pressure Switches, Temperature Switches, Differential Pressure Switches, Panel meters & Pneumatic Transmitters, Diaphragm Seals/ instrument Isolators, Test Instruments, Accessories


Water/Wastewater – (Multiturn electric actuators, Quarterturn electric actuators, Linear electric actuators, Actuator control, Gearboxes), Power applications – (Multiturn electric actuators, Quarterturn electric actuators, Linear electric actuators, Quarterturn damper actuator, Guillotine damper actuators, Diverter damper actuators, Lever output actuators, Actuator controls, Gearboxs), Non-intrusive actuators, Hazardous locations


Flow Meters, Disc Meter, Turbine Meter, Oscillating Piston Meter, Electromagnetic Flow Meters, Industrial Oval Gear Meter, Compound Series, Water Conditioning Products, Hydraulic Flow Lab, Valve Products –(Research Control Valve, Sanitary Valve, Actuators), Impeller Products- (Sensors, Monitors, Transmitters, Data Acquisition, Temperature Sensors), Automotive Fluid Products – (Electronic Preset, Fluid Management System, Oval Gear, Pistol Grip, Universal Meters), Concrete Products – (Admix Dispensers, Water Batching, Controllers, Truck Meter), Water Meters – (E-Series Meter, Electromagnetic Flow Meters, Disc Series meters, Turbo Series Meters, Fire Series Meters, Meters For Reclaimed Water, BadgerTouch, Test Equipment)


Controllers - (Pressure Controller, Temperature Controller, Pressure Loaded Pilot, Spring Operated Pilot), Positioners, Pressure Reducing Regulators - (High Flow, High Pressure, Sanitary, Ultra High Purity), Back Pressure Regulators-(High Flow, High Pressure, Sanitary, Ultra High Purity), Control Valves – (Process Control Valves, Sanitary Control Valves, Thermal Trip Valves), Tank Blanketing Valves and Tank Vents – (Arrestors-Detonation & Flame, Emergency Vent, Gauge Hatches, Manifolds, Tank Blanketing Valves, Tank Vents-Pilot Operated, Tank Vents-Spring Loaded, Tank Vents-Weight Loaded

Cleveland Electric

Industrial Thermocouple Sensors, Precious metals and High Temperature Sensors, Thermocouple Protection Tubes, Thermocouple Wire, Thermocouple Hardware and Terminations, Instrument Calibration/Thermocouple Certification, Hot Shot, Thermowells


See (Apollo)


Air Pressure Regulators, I/P, E/P, P/I Transducers, Volume Boosters & Air Relays, Diaphragm Air Cylinders.


Butterfly Valves, Ball Valves, Actuators, Valve Automation


Pressure, Air Velocity, Flow, Level, Temperature, Process Control, Data Loggers & Recorders, Humidity, Air Quality, Test Equipment, Valves

ELPRO Technologies

Industrial Wireless Products/Communication, i/o control


Temperature Controllers & Indicators, Power Control, Graphic Recorders/ Chart Recorders, Indicators, Programmable Automation Controller systems, Signal Conditioning, Machine Control Systems, Solid State Relays, Sensors, Valves & Actuators, Action – Signal Conditioners and Isolators, Chessell – Data Acquisition Units, Barber-Colman


Pressure Relief- (Rupture Discs, Holders, Custom Rupture Discs, Sanitary/Hygienic, Extruders, PRV/SRV Protection, Test/Laboratories), Explosion Protection- (Testing, Venting, Flameless Venting, Explosion Isolation, Explosion Suppression, Detection & Control, Sanitary/Hygienic)


Ultrasonic Flow Meters For Liquids, Ultrasonic Flow Meters For Gases, & Process Analyses PIOX® R is FLEXIM's Process Refract meter


PMV Positioners


Hand-held Test and Analysis Instruments


Pressure, Flow, Level, and Temperature – Control, Measurement, Automation, and Instruments, Avantis Asset management, Control, Measurement and Data Recording, InFusion-Enterprise Control System, IMServ Carbon & Energy Systems, Skelta Business Process Management Software, SimSci-Essor Design Simulation Training, Triconex Safety & Critical Control, Wonderware Automation & Information Software


Industrial Communication SystemsTelephony ProductsRadio Dispatch and RF Products, & Mining Communications

GF Signet

Flow and analytical Measurement Systems, Fittings-(Mechanical Fittings, Fitting for Solvent Cementing, Fuseable Fittings, Building Technology, Pre-Insulated Fittings, double Containment, Multilayer Pipe Systems), Pipes, Valves & Actuation, Sensors & Instruments-(Transmitter, Parameter Controller, Flow, Turbidmeter, Dissolved Oxygen, Chlorine, pH-ORP, Conductivity-Resistivity, Level, temperature, Pressure, installation Fittings, Agriculture Products), , Jointing Technology & Tools

GF Valves

Valves and Actuators, Vinyl Piping Systems, Engineered Piping, Cooling and Refrigeration, Measurement & instrumentation

GPI – Great Plains

Precision Flowmeters, Turbine Insertion Meters, Industrial grade Flowmeters, Fuel/Petroleum Flowmeter, Oval gear Flowmeters, Economic Digital Flowmeters, PVC Turbine Water Meters


Plastic Valves, Plastic Actuators, Filters, Pumps, Flow Control Valves, Strainers


Gauges, Volume Controllers & Hand Pumps, Digital Pressure Indicators, Calibrators, Analog & Digital Pressure Transducers


Pipes, Pressure Fittings, Sewerage Fittings, Valves

ITT Industries

Ball Valves-(Plastic-Lined Trunnion, Top Entry Metal), Diaphragm Valves, Gate Valves-(Knife Gate, Slide Gate, Wedge Gate), Butterfly Valves, Check Valves, Burner Shut-Off Valves, Brands-(Cam-Line, Cam-Tite, Dia-Flo, Fabri-Valve, Skotch)

Kytola Instruments

Flow Meters – (Variable Area, Multi Tube, Metal Tube, Oval gear, SLV Seal Water), Alarms for Variable Area, Constant Flow regulators, Oil Lubrication Flow meters, Oil Lubrication Flow Monitoring Systems, Oil Analyzers, Differential Pressure meters, Check Valves.

Leuze Electronic

Switching sensors-(Optical Sensors, inductive switches, ultrasonic Sensors, Fiber optic Sensors, Forked Sensors, light curtains, 3D Sensors, Special Sensors), Measuring Sensors – (Distance Sensors, Sensors for Positioning, 3D Sensors, Light Curtains, Measuring Forked Sensors), Products for safety at work – (Optoelectronic safety sensors, Safe locking devices and switches, safe control components, machine safety services), Identification – (Bar code identification, 2d-code, RF identification), Data transmission/control components – (MA modular interfacing units, Data transmission, Safe control components)


Safety Valve – (High Performance, API, Compact Performance, High Efficiency Modulate Action, Clean Service, Critical Service, Best Availability, & S&R Valves)

Malema Sensors

Integrated Flow Controllers & modules, Flowmeters – (Ultrasonic, Coriolis, Paddlewheel, Purgemeters, Vortex), Flow Switches – ( ), Flow Control Valves, Digital Displays, Pressure Sensing, Level Sensing, Relief Valves

Mallard Control

Controllers, Valves, Regulators, Level Switches and Gauges


Proximity Sensors, Solenoids, Limit Switches, Operating Levers, Nuclear Qualified


Pressure Measurement – (Pressure Gauges, Pressure Transducers & Transmitters, Digital Indicators, Pressure Switches) Level Measurement – (Industrial, Hazardous location). Temperature, Thermometers- (Bimetal, Vapor Actuated Remote), Electronic Temperature Transmitters/Switches – (Platinum resistance, Electronic Indicating temperature Transmitter/Switch), Thermowells, Mechanical Fore measurement – Hydraulic Load Cells, Electronic Force Measurement – (Load Pins, Tension & Compression Force transducer, S-Type tension & Compression Force transducer, Custom Force Sensors, Chain hoist Test Kit, Weld Force Test Kit), Needle Valves – (Mini, Multiport, Hard Seat, Soft Seat, Block & Bleed, Bleed, 2-valve Block & Bleed, 3 valve Double block & bleed), Manifold Valves – (2 Valve Static Pressure & Liquid Level, 2-Valve meter, 3-Valve Differential Pressure, 5-Valve Natural Gas), Replaceable Diaphragm Seals


Valves – (Directional control, ISO, Line Mounted, Poppet, Miniature, Lock and Shut Off, Automotive), Fieldbus Electronics, Vacuum Product, Power Clamps, Proportional Products – (Pressure regulators, Flow Control Proportional Valve, Digital Control for Proportional Solenoid Valves), FRL Products – (Digital Pressure/Vacuum Sensors, MPCR Series, Flexiblok, High Flow, Miniature FRL, Premium Filters, Stainless Steel FRL, ADL, Proportional and Precision Instrumentation, Lockout and Shut Off Valves, In-Fittings, Flow Controls, Mufflers, Pressure Switches, Gauges), Modular, Disposable In-Line Filters, Replacement Filter Elements, Cylinders – (NFPA interchangeable Cylinders, Non-Repairable Cylinders, Compact, Valve Actuators, ISO Standard, Rodless Cylinders, Specialty Cylinders), Gripper Products, Slide & Gantry – (Power Block Slide, Light Duty Slide, Compact Slide, Small Power Slide, Compact Guide Slide, Gantry Slide, Rodless Gantry Slide), Rotary Actuators, Electrical Motion, Specialty Actuator Product – (Air Bellows, FE Series Escapements, Swing Clamp)


Scales and Balances, Primary Purpose – (Weighing only, Counting, Moisture Analysis, Pharmacy Applications, Jewelry Use, Determine a price for a Commercial transaction, General Laboratory Use, Check Weighing in Production Process), Market/Capacity – (Jewelry, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Education, Industrial, Retail, Food)


Proximity Sensors, Isolated Barriers, Photoelectric Sensors, Zener Barriers, Signal Conditioners, Industrial Vision, Ultrasonic Sensors, Fieldbus Infrastructure, Rotary Encoders, Remote I/O Systems, Positioning Systems, HART interface Solutions, Inclination Sensors, Level Measurement, AS-Interface, Purge + Pressurization Systems, Industrial Monitors + HMI Solutions, Identification Systems, Corrosion Monitoring, Logic Control Units, Separator Alarm Systems, Logic Control, Separator Alarm Systems, Hazardous Area Enclosures + Equipment, Power Supplies, Software, Accessories.

Precision Digital

Digital Panel meters, Field Mounted, Large Display Meter, Loop-Powered meters, Temperature Controllers, Temperature Transmitters, Annunciators, Scanners, Multi-Channel Controllers, Fluidwell Product, Pressure Gauges, Enclosures

Proportion Air

Electronic Pressure Regulators – (High Pressure Valves, High resolution Pressure Control Valves, Intrinsically Safe Valve, High Flow control Valves, Low Cost Valves, Low Pressure and Vacuum Control Valves), Electronic Flow Controls – (Flow Monitor, Angle Seat Flow Control, Low Flow Control, Medium Flow Control, High Flow Control), Custom Products/Solutions, Pilot Operated Regulators, Control Valves Accessories – (Brackets, Command Signal Generators, Power cords and Cables, Sintered Filters, Pressure Transducers, Panel meters, ultrasonic Sensor)


Liquid Level Gauges, Level-Trac, Magne-Trac, Steam-Trac, Glass-Trac, Level Transmitters, Illuminators

RF Valves

Pinch Valves, RF SKG Slurry-Knife Gate Valves, VENT-O-Mat-Air Release Valves


Control Valves & On/Off Valve, Globe Valve, Electro-pneumatic Positioner, Pressure Regulator, District Heating Controller, Globe Three-way and Angle Valves, Steam Converters, Butterfly Valves, Segmented Ball Valves, Ball Valves and Rotary Plug Valves, Globe and Three-way Valves for HVAC Systems, Combined Valves and Valves with Jet Pump, Actuators for industrial processes, Actuators for HVAC Systems, Control valve accessories, Positioners, Limit Switches, Solenoid Valves and Accessories, Self-operated regulators and pipeline components, Temperature Regulators, Pressure Regulators, Differential Pressure and Flow Regulators, Boiler Regulators, Steam Traps, Air Vents, Strainers, Measurement, control and automation systems, Electronic and Pneumatic Controllers, Transmitters and Additional Devices, Differential Pressure, Flow and Liquid Level Meters (Media), Heating and District Heating Controllers for HVAC Systems, Sensors and Thermostats, Modules and Software automation systems TROVIS 6600 and TROVIS MODULON


Gas & Flame Detection, Air Sampling Pumps, Nephelometer Real-Time, Aerosol Dust Monitor, Colorimetric Gas Detector, Tubes, Sound & Vibration, Instruments, Sensidyne Diaphragm, Miniature Air Pumps (OEM), CDEM-1000 Coal Dust, Explosibility meter, Fixed Gas Detection

Sharpe Valves

High Performance 3 Piece Ball Valves, High Purity Tube Full Port Ball Valves, Special Service Ball Valves, Fire Safe Ball Valves, Flanged Ball Valves, Multiport Ball Valves, Seal Welded Body, Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves, Economy Ball Valves, Controls (Actuators) Gate Globe & Check Valves, Oil Patch Valves


High Performance Butterfly Valves

Swiss Fluid

Diaphragm Valves, Cylindrical Plug Valves, Ball Valves, Sight Glasses (Stainless Steel), Ball Check Valves, Butterfly Valves (Elastomer-Lined), Pneumatic Actuators, Piping Components, Linings and Molded Parts, Sampling Valves Full Port, Sampling Ball Valves, Inline Sampling Valves, Reactor Sampling Systems


Flow Recorders and Water Monitoring Systems, Telogers Enterprise System, Wireless recorders- (RTU Underground Monitoring, Telemetry Unit, Hydrant Pressure recorder, Rain Gauge, Current Loop, Pressure, Multi-Channel), Direct-Connect Recorders, Water Distribution System Wireless Monitoring


Pressure Reducing –(Multi-Purpose, High Purity Gases, Medical Gases), Relief and Backpressure, Manifolds and Changeover Regulators – (Acetylene Panel, ACS012 Series, ACS3200 Series, Compact Panel, Labo-F and Doppelregulus, Propane Panel, Ultra High Purity Compact Panel, Wega1 and 2, Wega Corrosive Gases and Purging, Wega mini), Electronpneumatic controllers and motors – (Electronpneumatic Pressure Controller, Motorized Actuator), integrated custom systems, On and Off or shutoff valves – (Diaphragm Metering Valve, High Pressure Valve, Metal Bellows Shutoff Valve, Metal Diaphragm Shutoff Valve, Needle metering Valve)


Thermocouples, Protection Tubes, Thermowells, RTD, Field Cuttable Probes, Custom Designed Sensors, Temperature Transmitters, Thermocouple Wire, Multipoint Assemblies Junction Boxes, Surface Temp Sensors, Sanitary RTD’s, Heads & Blocks, Hand Held Probes, Indicators/Controllers, Connectors

VCI (Cashco)

Tank Blanketing Systems and Vents


Level –(Radar, Guided Wave Radar, Ultrasonic, Capacitive, MLI/Bridle, Radiation-Based Measurement), Switching – (Capacitive, Radar, Conductive, Vibration), Pressure – (Process Pressure, Hydrostatic, Differential Pressure), Radiation-Based Measurement – (Level, Source Holders, Density, Weigh Scales, Radiation Survey Meters, Interface)


“Anti-Shock” Air Release & Vacuum Break Valves


Air Quality, Current Monitoring, Flow, Humidity, Leak Detection, Lighting Control, Network Integration, Power/Energy Monitoring, Power Metering CTs, Power Sources, Pressure, Relays, Setpoint Devices, temperature, Test Equipment


Pressure Sensors-(Standard Duty, High Accuracy, Flush Mount, Differential, Severe Duty, Submersible)


Wireless Valve Monitoring System, Linear Valve Position Monitors, Rotary Valve Position Monitors, Network Control Monitors, Device net, Modbus, Profi-Bus, Positioners for Rotary and Linear Valves, Rotary Valve Position Monitors

Wyatt Eng.

Venturi Tubes, Lo-Loss, Flow Tubes, Orifice Plates, Flow Nozzles